Introducing founders: Claudia and Emily

Headshot of co-founders Claudia and Emily

Devon born but living in London - we share a passion for ethical, sustainable living.

Claudia’s the creative, with a background in luxury goods and sustainable fashion.

Emily's the practical brain - a commercial lawyer (who's now quit the day job!).

“I feel so lucky to have started a business I am so passionate about and to be able to do it with my best friend is really incredible”.

Headshot of Claudia Claudia

Our Mission

Explore premium, sustainable products from the most innovative wellness and lifestyle brands.

Lofty Box partners with very special businesses, working hard to create amazing products and a better world. We do the searching to send you the best new sustainable products on the market each month.

Support both emerging ethical businesses and those leading the way.

We believe shopping smaller and more mindfully is the future. We work with brands from B-corp to Sole Trader. Large to small. Its often difficult and expensive for new businesses to get their product out there for consumers to try. We are here to make the journey easier and more fun.

Evolve into a more conscious consumer, help eliminate waste and made more sustainable choices.

Lofty Box collaborates with brands that may have surplus stock. This sometimes goes to waste or ends up in landfill. Lofty Box tries to include some premium products with short best before dates (which are perfectly safe by the way!) to help eliminate the problem.

“Lofty Box bridges the gap between customers searching for ethical brands and ethical brands searching for interested customers. It’s a great box of selfcare delivered to your doorstep.”

Headshot of Emily Emily

The idea came from the girls considering subscription box options for reaching a wider customer base for Claudia’s fashion brand. They found a gap in the market for a sustainable box of products and set about creating their own sustainable box to bridge the gap in the market.

Both know first-hand how time consuming it can be to search out sustainable products and make ethical product choices. The girls wanted to make it easier for likeminded people to find brands and products which align to their ethical expectations, without having to spend hours searching them out.

There’s lots of people out there who want to make sustainable choices but aren’t quite sure how to start.

Cue Lofty Box!

Lofty Love