Founder Facts - Emily Joyce

Lofty Box Co-Founder Emily reveals some truths about running a start-up.

Explain your career history in 3 sentences:

I started work aged 14 in a Fish & Chip shop in Devon, fast forward 16 years and I work as a corporate / commercial lawyer in house in a global international schools group. I’m really interested in business, that’s why I chose to be an in-house lawyer, rather than work in private practice. I am so excited to be putting everything I’ve learnt working for other people’s businesses into my own.

Why/when/how did you start Lofty Box?

Claudia and I started thinking around the Lofty Box concept in November 2020 and launched in January 2021. We were sound boarding ideas to help Claudia’s luxury slow fashion brand, Claudia Meller England, and came up with trying to get some of her designs into a sustainable delivery box.

When no such delivery boxes existed, we realised that there was a gap in the market and took it upon ourselves to fill it. We went for it, full pelt. We set up our Instagram and website and started talking to brands. Everything happened really quickly!

What are you passionate about?

Health, people and the planet. If we are kind to our bodies, the planet and people, we’re doing pretty well.

Top sustainable tips?

My favourite way to be sustainable, healthy, and kind all at the same time is to choose walking as your mode of transport. You get some light cardio and catch up with your friends / family all whilst getting from A to B.

What are your favourite things?

Friends, good coffee, a great workout, being in or near water, sunny crisp mornings, red wine and brunch.

How do you envisage Lofty Box growing this year?

One of the things which excited me most about Lofty Box is how dynamic an idea it is. Our journey will always be led by our passion for sustainability, but there are so many possible shapes that it may take. By the end of the year I’d love to be sitting in our own Lofty Box (our office) and have new home (Claudia’s kitchen is currently overflowing with all the fabulous products!).

What is the hardest thing about running a start up?

I think the fear, the check yourself moments. The is someone about to burst our bubble. Everything and every emotion is so heightened right now.

What about the best things?

Working with my best friend to establish a company that I am so, so giddy about! Hearing all the positive feedback and knowing that we have set out to make a difference.

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