Founder Facts - Claudia Meller

Lofty Box Co-Founder Claudia reveals some truths about running a start-up.

Explain your career history in 3 sentences:

I spent 10 years working in Fashion, Jewellery and Interiors before moving into corporate PA positions. I've always had a side hustle and currently run a small, made to order, sustainable fashion line alongside Lofty Box. I loved the freedom of creative roles, but always wanted to be my own boss!

Why/when/how did you start Lofty Box?

Myself and my business partner Emily had been discussing the idea of a subscription box that supports small and sustainable brands for about 6 months. I was personally frustrated with the cost of PR and advertising for my fashion label and thought there must be a better way! The Lofty Box model doesn't exist so we thought, why not do this ourselves?! The pandemic, lockdown and a redundancy catapulted the idea into action in late 2020 and the business was officially born in Jan 2021. Ironically, the fashion line has had to take a bit of a backseat while Lofty takes off, but life is about flexibility so we are very excited to see how this grows.

What are you passionate about?

I truly care about living a mindful life. Voting with my wallet, shopping smaller and supporting those doing the right thing. Life is about balance, no-one is perfect, but we can all lead by example and make sustainable choices.

Top sustainable tips?

Eat a plant based diet (its better for you and the planet, no-brainer)

Don't buy things you don't need. Make sustainable switches for every day items. Buy the broccoli without the plastic, swap your toothbrush for a bamboo one, take a tote bag to the supermarket.

Reuse and recycle. No-one cares if you wear the same dress 100 times (frankly, I'd be impressed). Charity shop shopping is pretty much guilt free!

What are your favourite things?

Being outside in nature, relaxing in the sun with my friends and family, animals, sustainable fashion, second hand designer finds, quality over quantity, vegetarian cooking, wonky veg, good stationary, art, lying by a pool with one leg dipped in to cool down, podcasts, learning from someone with more experience than me, collaborating, dog videos, riding a horse along the beach, wrapping presents, that productive coffee buzz, discovering new things, starting a project, early grey tea, dark leafy greens, having a tan, antiques, the first warm day of the year.

How do you envisage Lofty Box growing this year?

I am answering these questions in Feb 2021, so uncertainty is the buzz word of the moment. I hope in the next few months we will work with more and more inspiring, innovative, sustainable businesses. We want to reach more customers and help you make more conscious shopping decisions. We want to find a tiny office and share it with other passionate people. We want to grow the 'surplus' side of the business and save more products from going to waste. 

What is the hardest thing about running a start up?

Finding time to do everything I want to do. Wearing at least 14 hats at all times. Learning on the job and pushing through the lows.

What about the best things?

Knowing we are building a business that is doing the right thing. Feeling passionate because we are facilitating others dreams and helping clean up the planet at the same time. Working with my friend, for ourselves and only answering to each other. Being in complete control of the direction we want the business to go.


Keep an eye out for Emily's co-founder interview coming up next.

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