Brand Focus on Willy's

Willy's is the brain child of William Chase, the brains behind Tyrrells Crisps, Chase Vodka & Gin and Willy's Wellness.
So, what is Apple Cider Vinegar?
Apple Cider Vinegar, one of nature’s gifts made from the humble apple. So much more than a cupboard staple! Willy’s ACV with ‘The Mother’ contains probiotic bacteria; acetobacter and lactobacillus and with a ph of 5, can help support an alkaline diet. Whilst Apple Cider Vinegar is slightly acidic in ph, when metabolized within the body, Apple Cider Vinegar actually promotes alkalinity, along with other foods like lentils, fresh green leafy vegetables, fruit and nuts. Our advice however is to follow a balanced diet. Plenty of broccoli, plenty of exercise and a daily dose of Apple Cider Vinegar as part of a dressing, smoothie, or for the purists, simply in a glass of water!
Willy's don’t heat treat our Apple Cider Vinegar, leaving The Mother intact. The Mother is the strains of proteins and bacteria that form when Apple Cider Vinegar is left unpasteurised and raw. She might appear as large cobwebs or as small darker particles in the Apple Cider Vinegar. Either way, don’t be afraid of her. She’s what makes our ACV so special and we recommend keeping her in your daily dose, however, you may choose to enjoy it.

Sustainable farming is at the heart of Willy’s Wellness brand, growing without artificial pesticides and fertilisers and letting natural practices help nature find it’s own balance.  There is a definite sense that nature rules here and everything is in harmony, and we try and nurture this as much as possible, with the help of Tom who runs the orchards and manages the farm animals. 


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