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Tonic Health vitamin drink Tonic Health high dose vitamin immunity drink vitamin drinks

"We’re on a mission to show people how much better you can feel when you work with your immune system, and not against it".

Tonic Health's mission is to help people nourish their bodies using naturally powerful ingredients to reach optimum health. Using only natural, vegan ingredients, their drinks help maximise your potential and boost your immune system, both every day and in times of need. We've tried them and love them, which is why you'll find samples of their drinks in our sustainable subscription box!

"Good nutrition plays a key role in keeping us fit and healthy, but getting the right levels of vitamins, minerals and plants can be difficult when we live such busy lifestyles. Tonic combines the latest science on vitamin dose with some of the most powerful plants available to create the perfect all in one multivitamin drink".

Learn more about Tonic Health HERE. 

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