Brand Focus on The Glowcery


Let us introduce The Glowcery, another addition to Lofty Box! Healthy, balanced, plant based and vegan skinfood, now available in our sustainable subscription box. How exciting?!

"Imagine you could feed your skin like you do your body? What would your skincare diet include? Like your body, your skin benefits from nutrient-dense, vitamins and mineral-rich properties found in fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts to look and feel healthy. At The Glowcery, we have developed a nutritious diet for the skin using cold-pressed berries, greens and tropical fruits".

The Glowcery was launched in March 2020, and been featured in Vogue, Cosmopositan and ITV's This Morning to name a few, and their products are amazing! They conciously work for a more sustainable industry by using environmentally friendly products and packaging, and producing only small batches of products to not risk overproduction and waste.

Head over to their website to learn more!

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