Brand Focus on teapigs

Nick and Louise started teapigs in November 2006 with one mission – to get the nation drinking real tea again. The more they learned, and the more they drank, the more they came to realise something: that there's a whole world of quality teas out there that simply weren’t getting the attention they deserve.


Even though we are a nation of tea drinkers, quality teawas hard to come by unless you went somewhere fancy. teapigs wanted to change all that and make great, quality tea accessible… and a bit more fun!

teapigs want to make a big thing about real, quality tea, sourced sustainably, in packaging that’s better for the environment. They give back to the communities that grow the tea and do their best to take care of the people that make it all happen. teapigs are very proud to be B Corp certified (and you know how much we love a B-Corp at Lofty Box!

teapigs only source the best quality tea leaves, berries, herbs and spices. 100% natural with no artificial flavourings. Tealeaves are sourced from sustainable estates and they were the 1st tea company to be certified Plastic-Free.

teapigs give back to the local community in Brentford and they also have their own ethical scheme that gives back to vulnerable young people in Gisenyi, Rwanda.

We have teamed up with teapigs to bring you a rather unusual Match Mint Latte to try. Look out for the little green sachets in your Lofty Box.

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