Brand Focus on Tapped Trees

Now, who's tried Birch Water?
This month we have teamed up with Tapped Trees to bring you a taste of something new. Birch water is sap which has been 'tapped' from birch trees. Amazingly, it's not gloopy and slimy as you would think, it's pure and fresh and delicious!

Birch trees store vital minerals and vitamins in their roots. Every spring this water filters up through the trunk. Once tapped, it can be enjoyed as a refreshing, healthy drink full of natural nutrients and minerals.

You may have noticed your Birch water is branded in French. Tapped had surplus of these cans, so to save them going to waste, or running out of date, we are making use of these here at Lofty Box. Yes, you spotted it right, these are cardboard cans and incredible sustainable.

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