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Scrubbee's founder Maddie struggled with her skin throughout her student years and could not find natural skincare alternatives that fit her monthly budget. To solve this, she started making her own sustainable skincare products from accessible ingredients by researching and formulating using online guides. It wasn’t until she wondered if there could be another use for her cafetière full of used coffee grounds every morning, that the idea for Scrubbee began!

If this was going to waste, how much is going to waste from coffee shops and cafés every single day?

 scrubbee skincare.gif 

Research shows that coffee-based skincare has so many benefits, such as fighting acne and regenerating skin cells. And not only this, by utilising upcycled ingredients, we can be more sustainable!

After a lot of learning and hundreds of recipes, Scrubbee has now arrived. We launched with a product line of four 100% vegan, cruelty-free and plastic free coffee face scrubs.

Scrubbee want their consumers to know exactly what is in their product, where the ingredients come from and how the product is made. They endeavour to provide you with honest, affordable and natural skincare and only use UK suppliers and try to use as much of our local talent as possible.

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