Brand Focus on Power To The Pip

The Avocado seed is loaded with huge amounts of antioxidants which boost the appearance of the skin. Used in combination with some other powerful ingredients, The Duo: The Glow-up treatment mask and the Glow-up oil from Power To The Pip are the first Avocado seed skincare products.

Avocado seeds make up more than 18% of the avocado and are often tossed aside regularly. However, the seeds have been found to contain more than 70% of the antioxidant content in each avocado. Power To The Pip utilise this waste product. Not only do they create beautiful skincare and supplements, they also have a refill scheme to save on packaging!

Founder Eve Kumari is a dedicated self-development devotee, starting multiple businesses that utilize all of her values. A graduate of the University of Brighton UK, she has used her creative and business skills to create a brand that truly reflects her vision. 

Now in her late 20’s she has utilised all her goals into one brand. Skincare is a personal journey for Eve, from a young age, having had significant insecurities with her own skin pushed her to create a unique product that gives her that inner-confidence she has always strived for. 

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