Brand Focus on Nemi Teas

Nemi Teas is a specialist London-based tea company that offers blends of both loose-tea and tea bags plus a Chai Syrup.
Nemi tea bags and container in bright green colourful card tea containers lilac early grey loose tea with strainer
Not only is Nemi Tea delicious, it comes in colourful, eco friendly packaging. The sort of packaging we can't wait to repurpose into a pen pot… or sunglasses case.. or bobble holder?!
Nemi is super conscious of giving back to those around them. They provide employment to refugees to give them local work experience and job readiness skills to enter the UK workforce and help them integrate into broader society.
All their teabags are plastic-free, the packaging is biodegradable and the teas are Organic, Fairtrade and Rainforest-Alliance certified.
For those with a sweeter tooth, Nemi also make a Spicy Chai Syrup.
Just some of the benefits of chai are;
1. Improving digestion.
 2. Protecting against free radicals.
 3. Strengthening the immune system.
 4. Boosting brain health.
 5. Reducing tumor growth.
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