Brand Focus on Mamma Loretti


Are you gluten intolerant, gluten free or simply on the hunt for a nice and healthy snack? Sojmetimes gluten free snacks can be a bit boring, but not anymore! Meet Mamma Loretti, a UK based snack brand with a mission to increase gluten free choices in the UK and provide new and exciting snacks for the gluten free community.

Their aim is to make their delicious snacks as accessible to the gluten free community as possible by delivering them straight to your door, and now you're also able to find them in this month's Lofty Box!

Their delicious gluten free puffed corn wafers with a nice and creamy filling come in four different flavours: vanilla, chocolate, hazelnut and tiramisu. Yum! enjoy them as a snack or use them as a topping on your ice cream.

You can shop their products on Amazon or Morrisons, or head over to their Instagram to learn more about the brand.

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