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Summer is coming to an end, so what better way to brighten up the rainy September days with some exotic fruit? More specifically, dried exotic fruit from Kooky. We're obsessed, and hopefully you will be too after trying their delicious snacks in our latest sustainable subscription box.

Bonded by their Asian roots and Western upbringing, founders Aline and Deena started Kooky together in 2020, inspired by their east-west fusion of traditions, cultures and mindsets. The brand is built on their appreciation and passion for diversity, individuality and love for their community.

Through their passion for exotic fruit Kooky was born, and today it offers a range of amazing dried fruit snacks for you to try in our Lofty Box. How exciting?!  They believe these super-fruits deserve to be embraced and enjoyed by everyone – not only for their antioxidant and nutrient-rich profile, but also for their unusual and quirky physical appearance, eye-catching colours and unique flavours.

All their fruits are sourced from sustainable farms in Thailand, which all adhere to humanitarian guidelines of no child labour, a living wage and reasonable working conditions. The fruits also have to go through rigorous quality controls to ensure they're free of pesticides and additives, meaning all Kooky products are good for both you, the producers and the environment.

Enjoy our Kooky snacks on the go, in the sofa or on top of a delicious smoothie bowl. You can even rehydrate their freeze dried snacks and use them when baking - the options are endless! 

Read more about their fantastic brand and shop more Kooky products HERE.

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