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Innerbark was founded by husband-and-wife team Nicky and Paul and what an interesting journey it's been!
Having left the UK to live all over the world, they saw the extent of our global issues first hand. Over-consumption, unsustainable materials and a huge waste problem raised it's ugly head all too clearly.
Starting a company with a focus of changing people’s habits and thinking outside the box with traditional products was going to be tough. It was during their last offshore posting in Sri Lanka that the decision was made to head closer to home and leave the corporate lifestyle behind them.  After many months of 
research, study and working through the Pandemic lockdown the I Body brand was born. Innerbark operates out of the UK and Spain which has helped the brand reach a wide range of individuals. 
Three simple words were chosen to explain the brand's vision - Clean Conscious Skincare. Formulations and products were trialled with great success and natural ingredients, zero-plastic and a zero-carbon footprint has stayed at the heart of the business.
During the skincare development process, they had also been working on the final packaging. This again would take many months of research and trials. The ethos of the brand was to be no plastic, but could glass & metal be avoided too? Is there a safe biodegradable or compostable option out there? This is something we strive to find at Lofty Box HQ and we are SO excited about these products.
Innerbark products are sold in Sulapac - a pioneering alternative to plastic packaging, using wood and plant-based binders. A product that is 100% bio-based material, biodegrades without leaving permanent microplastics 
behind. The team loved the concept and the look of the packaging and alongside Sulapac, they also use Natureflex labels, a compostable film produced with a minimum of 90% renewable raw material.
They reached the finals for Best New International Brand Breakthrough of the year 2021 at The Beauty Awards in London this October 2021.  Amazing!
Like us, they believe education and collaboration with cleaner solutions to eradicate as much waste as we can is imperative.
60 lucky subscribers will find an Innerbark tester in their October Lofty Box. Find out more about this brilliant new brand here

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