Brand Focus on Foga

Introducing Foga! Fruit and veg blends as you've never seen them before. For busy people who need easy nutrients. 
Compared to a bottled smoothies Foga shakes are nutritionally superior - with half the sugar, half the calories, double the fibre and 3 times the vitamin C. Foga powders are the cleanest on the market. They use only the highest quality whole, freeze-dried, organic fruit and veg - never extracts, juices, sweeteners or flavourings. 
The magic behind Foga blends is Freeze Drying! This simple process freezes and thaws produce without affecting the Taste, Colour or Nutrition. It means the produce can be picked at its nutritious best and all the vitamins, fibre and micronutrients preserved. Just like frozen fruit, freeze dried produce can actually have higher nutrient content than fresh.
Foga products are purely fruit and veg - no added sugar plus they are vegan friendly, winner!
You all know how much we hate waste at Lofty Box, which is another reason we love the freeze drying phenomenon. How many times have you bought fruit or veg only to check back on it after a couple of days to find it mouldy or dried up? This isn't a problem with powdered nutrition, so when you don't have time to whip up a smoothie, the shakes are a no brainer. Try Foga's new Oatshakes now via Lofty Box.

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