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For the Love of London, or FLO London, is as the name suggests a London based online publication started by Maawura Totoe, with an aim to highlight all of the great stuff going on in London through unique content on food and drink, culture, entertainment and arts, sustainability and travel. They also have an online shop selling unique lifestyle pieces such as scrunchies and tote bags, which is where Lofty Box comes in.

FLO London was founded in 2019, and born out of Maawura’s desire to provide a platform for people to better understand the cool things people, particularly women, are doing in the city.

FLO is also all about sustainability, and aims to help their readers and followers in creating a better environment in the areas we occupy. They provide knowledge on how to lead a more sustainable life, as well as provide a platform for people to discuss, debate and share experiences concerning sustainability and important life lessons.

They have a range of different exciting articles covering arts and entertainment, food and drink, lifestyle and traveling. We're over the moon to be working with such an interesting brand, letting you try some of their amazing products whilst becoming aware of a great platform to enrich your day to day life further. Wether you're based in London or not, we hope you'll love your little FLO goodies as much as we do!

Learn more about the brand and what's going on in London on their website, .

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