Brand Focus on Exhale

Coffee for health and fitness? Exhale has taken this concept to a new level with scientifically verified healthy coffee.  With 9 independent lab tests and backing from health professionals, this is a brand to trust.


The antioxidants in one cup of Exhale coffee are off the scale and equivalent to 12 whole punnets of blueberries! Not only good for us, Exhale are in the process of getting their Bcorp certification. 

More of the good stuff

Coffee contains over 1000 different compounds, but most studies discuss a group called polyphenols as being the most beneficial. Polyphenols are plant based phytochemicals present in a lot of fruits and veggies and Chlorogenic Acid is the predominant one in coffee with antioxidant, hepatoprotective, cardioprotective, anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, antiviral and antibacterial effects (10). Their quantity and level of activity vary immensely from coffee to coffee (11) and we're the only company in the world to source and roast our coffee to first maximise the number of polyphenols and then to measure their antioxidant power using different independant, science labs across the UK and Europe.


...and less of the bad

Over and above this we aim to offer a more complete package of health by only buying organically farmed coffee and then testing to make sure they're free from mycotoxins, pesticides, toxins and heavy metals. 

While the government has set guidelines for the safe levels of these, we know some of our community already have a high body burden when it comes to environmental toxins and are seeking the 'cleanest' coffee possible so we want our coffee to be as pure as it is all natural. 

We're constantly reading the latest science on coffee and as we grow will expand on our testing to include some of the other compounds in coffee.

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