Brand Focus on Cloud Cloth

It all began in the Spring of 2017 and the discovery of a piece of cloth in Manchester; once used in skincare many moons ago.

CloudCloth® was discovered by chance by founder Catherine whilst suffering from a reactive form of urticaria. No longer able to use regular granular exfoliants, she tried muslin as an alternative way of exfoliating.

Catherine decided to see if there were any old British textile mills still operating to see if a quality cotton cloth could be made in the UK. She kept a record of everything she found in a folder, along with boxes bulging with fabric samples. The search went far and wide…from the very loose weaves of cheesecloth…to a kind of looped cotton mix…(we thought)...then different weaves of standard muslin…traditional muslin... flannel.

And the search went on. And on.

Having grown up in a Lancashire cotton town. Her grandparents worked in the mills; her granddad as a loom overlooker and her nan as a machinist and inspector. Originally a cotton weaver in a spinning town, the factory had moved to more modern premises a short drive from where the original stood.

'After a couple of meetings, the owner presented a soft cotton cloth. He explained the story behind it's use in British skincare many moons ago.


It was what we had been looking for all along!

- raised on one side to provide gentle skin cleansing.

- woven on the other side, offering gentle exfoliation.'

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