Brand Focus on Boundless

Introducing Boundless Activated Snacking - here to make snacking well easy. We drench our ancient super grain Sorghum in saltwater, kickstarting Mother Nature's germination process. A good soak removes the bitter phytic acid and protective enzymes, leaving us with the good stuff. 

So what does 'activation' mean?

Here’s the sciencey bit: high fibre foods like nuts and seeds contain a substance called phytic acid. This binds to minerals, such as iron, magnesium, zinc, calcium, and manganese, and can reduce their absorption rate. So if we try to reduce levels of phytic acid, we can increase the bioavailability of nutrients and the nutritional value of these foods.

So why’s nobody doing it? Well, it’s pretty time consuming, and a tricky one to get right. Luckily for you, Boundless are serving you activation in a ready to go bag!

Boundless are not about being perfect, because that’s not real life. That’s why they make real snacks with real ingredients- snacks that taste good and do good. 

Boundless support FRANK who work hard to support those ‘left behind’ by progress and development- communities which may be remote & hard to reach, or particularly vulnerable groups who don’t understand their rights. By supporting Boundless, you’re also supporting communities across India & Nepal, providing sustainable solutions for a better quality of life.

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