Brand Focus on Bao Skincare


Let's talk skincare, specifically BAO Skincare, the latest beauty brand to join this month's Lofty Box!

BAO, or "Beth's Aromatherapy Organic", pronounced Bay-o, was founded by Beth, a skincare and people lover with a dream to help inspire and make people feel good in themselves. And with over 15 years of experience in the beauty industry she decided to launch her own brand doing just that - a natural beauty brand influenced by a holistic way of life with an aim to help people feel great.

After having gone though a number of personal health issues, Beth finally got her life back and was able to get BAO to where it is today. We couldn't be more impressed!

BAO offers a range of different handmade skincare products perfect for sensitive skin, from face creams and hand creams to scrubs and cleansers. On top of this, BAO uses recyclable packaging and the brand is even Organic Certified - how amazing?! 

If you're interested in Beth's personal story and all the ways BAO works to become more sustainable, check out their website! 

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