Brand Focus on Arbonne

Welcoming our next partner Arbonne and their Blood Orange Fizz Sticks. Is this a cocktail or a health supplement?!! (Hint - it’s #dryjan friendly) 
The tangy supplements help boost energy levels and make a delicious afternoon pick me up or morning kickstarter. The Energy Fizz formula contains a botanical blend with Caffeine from Guarana and Green Tea, plus B Vitamins to support energy production. You can also try them with sparking water, check out out reel to see how!
Flatlay of arbonne health supplements and products arbonne skincare products Blood orange fizz stick arbonne
Now, we know this isn’t a small business, in fact Arbonne is sold right across the world, and some of you might be familiar with them already, but did you know how amazing their environmental commitments are? Arbonne are a certified B Corp which is not an easy feat and means the company operates the highest standards of social and environmental performance.
Independent Arbonne representative Robyn Gale helped us choose the perfect supplement for our boxes, if you loved trying this brand, drop her a message for a Lofty Box discount!

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