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We have heard this founder story a million times and Adiba, creator of Amo Cosmetics is no different.

'As someone who has always struggled with breakouts and hyperpigmentation, finding products that could help my skin was no easy feat. Then add the fact that I have oily, acne-prone, and sensitive skin, finding quality skincare was a case of trial and error. After years of this, I grew frustrated and dissatisfied with many products in mainstream cosmetics. There were countless products I tried which either gave me no results or irritated skin, which of course only added to the problems I was trying to solve'

As Adiba's frustration with mainstream cosmetics grew, so did her desire to try things on her own. She wanted to truly understand her skin and the ingredients that were most effective in improving it, as well as the ones she needed to avoid.

Adiba has always believed in the power of nature to heal the body. So, she decided to create a natural alternative. She was determined to create a high-quality product that included multi-tasking ingredients and delivered amazing results, without irritating the skin.

After several months of research and testing, Amo was born. Initially created to help heal her own skin, it was too good to keep to herself and those around her.

Adiba understands the confidence that comes with healthy, glowing skin and she hopes to help others achieve this. We can all achieve that #amoglow together!

Amo products are customisable – you are in control and have the freedom to adjust the mask to your skin needs. Did you know your skin type is not a fixed entity and can fluctuate based on age, hormones, environment and diet? Having the chance to customise the mask to what your skin needs makes this a great addition to any routine. Amo powder clay is received with a measuring spoon, and instructions so you get the correct quantities each time.

High concentration of actives - Amo masks come in powder form, without any water or fillers. With just clay and a mixture of botanical ingredients, the result is a powerful facial that will leave your skin feeling clean and rejuvenated. There is also no need for preservatives since it comes in powder form and has a long shelf life.

Results-driven – Amo products are designed to deliver solutions to various skin problems.

Ethical – Amo promise to only source ingredients from suppliers that have ethical sourcing methods.

Natural – Amo use natural ingredients in their products and work with the power of nature to feed and nourish your skin. 

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