Brand Focus on Amber Lilly


Let's introduce one of our new and exciting brands in our sustainable subscription box - Amber Lilly Natural Bodycare! Amber Lilly offers completely natural and organic bodycare products especially helpful for people with skincare conditions such as eczema, and handcrafted in Leicestershire.

The founder, Amber, started her business in 2019, as an effort to find her own solution to her problems with eczema. After desperately trying a huge number of high street products, none which helped her, she finally decided to research natural skincare. This lead to the birth of Amber Lilly Natural Bodycare and a range of products that will help you deeply moisturise and soothe itchy skin.

In true Lofty Box style, all Amber Lilly's products are made from organic, natural and eco friendly ingredients, meaning they're not only great for your skin, but environmentally friendly as well. 

If you like the sound of Amber Lilly you're able to purchase their products HERE. 

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