Behind the label - Limara. Founder of O.Robert & Co.

We caught up with Limara between candle pours to quiz her about running a business.

Describe your brand/business in 3 words:

  • Well-being conscious;
  • Eco-friendly;
  • Sustainable.

  • What inspires you when you think about the future of your business?

    How far I can really take this, I have so many ideas and enjoy the process of thought to execution. I also have a little boy who is already showing interest in what I do and ultimately want to make him and my family proud.

    What has been the biggest challenge you faced when building your business?

    Time - there are opportunities I have had to miss out on because of time. I would rather put out amazing products rather than rush at every opportunity presented to me and under-deliver. However I think I am now in a rhythm of juggling it all lol!

    How do you look after your wellbeing when working long hours?

    I also have a full-time career in Financial Services which is demanding but I thoroughly enjoy what I do and my achievements thus far. However making candles has allowed me to de-stress and is a creative outlet for me.
    I actually burn a lot of candles myself coupled with a good book and a glass of wine has been my go-to especially during these past lockdowns.
    Most importantly I separate work from business and make time for my family.

    My mother would say I am like a dog with a bone. Once I have an idea I pursue it whole-heartedly". Most people will describe me as being resilient and tenacious.

    What sustainable swaps have you made over the past few years?

    I take recycling really seriously, but being able to attach this to the brand is one of the biggest projects!
    I always encourage my customers/clients to repurpose the candle jars rather than throwing them away. I will be releasing blogs shortly on how they can do this, the bigger candles can be used for make-up brushes for instance or can be used to plant herbs. The smaller candle jars can be used for small accessories.
    Customers/clients can also simply give me back the jars and I reuse them for more candles. **We love this at Lofty Box!**

    Can you name something positive to have come out of 2020?

    The launch of O.Robert & Co! Covid allowed me time to test and take the plunge to launch...its been an incredible journey so far.
    Outside of that 2020 has been a reflective year for so many including myself, I have been able to really take stock and be proactive about being present in the moment.

    What is the best advice you could give to an entrepreneur starting a business?

    Just start - don't sit on ideas for too long! It is ok to learn as you build.


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