Behind The Label - Joe and Nick. Founders of Tasty Mates

Describe your brand in 3 words

Unique, Relatable, Responsible

What inspires you when you think about the future of your business?

The excitement of the prospects. Tasty Mates flavours are endless and the story even more so. We aim to connect and build relationships with our whole target audience by continuing to create unique flavours that all have relatable stories. 

What has been the biggest challenge you faced when building your brand?

Covid-19 - building a brand during a lockdown, when there is uncertainty in the air, has made every step more challenging.

How do you look after your wellbeing when working long hours?

Surrounding ourselves with each other and having fun whilst we work is essential. We have created a work place that inspires creativity, brainstorms are a central part of everything we do - and eating sweets of course!

What would your friends, family or colleagues say is your greatest skill?

Creativity and adaptability. The concept and branding around Tasty Mates has always received much praise, but we've also had to adapt continuously throughout the past 18 months.

What sustainable swaps have you made over the past few years?

For us, sustainability is essential in everything we do. From the fact our sweets are vegan and made in The UK, all the way through to recyclable packaging. In fact the very reason we chose recyclable as opposed to (what many would think is better) compostable, was specifically because we know the infrastructure in the UK is not in place to support easy compost disposable at present. As we grow, we'll be doing everything we can to have sustainability at the forefront.  

Can you name something positive to have come out of 2020?

The launch of Tasty Mates, of course!

What is the best advice you could give to an entrepreneur starting a business?

We have 5 as written: (

Have a passion
Network, Network, Network
Understand your business
Problem solve
Be a sponge!

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