Behind the Label - Birgit. Founder of Inside the Pantry

We caught with the wonderful Birgit, dried mango extraordinaire of Inside the Pantry.

Describe your brand/business in 3 words:

Flavourful, wholesome and sustainable

What inspires you when you think about the future of your business?

Bringing high quality wholesome dried fruit to consumers, while helping local communities at the same time. Short-term (hopefully) I cannot wait to travel to Central America to meet with an artisan producer of the most delicious naturally sweet dried pineapple.

What has been the biggest challenge you faced when building your business?

Self-doubt, ethical sourcing and getting recyclable packaging for small quantities (still working hard on that)

How do you look after your wellbeing when working long hours?  

I do pilates daily - even if just for 15 minutes - and laugh with my children

What would your friends, family or colleagues say is your greatest skill?

Not taking a no for a no (admittedly that can also be an annoying skill …)

What sustainable swaps have you made over the past few years?

I try to buy “bulk” to avoid unnecessary packaging (hence our 400g packaging), strictly no plastic carrier bags and super strict about recycling everything that we can. And I really try to buy from smaller producers that source sustainably.

Can you name something positive to have come out of 2020?

I would have to say Inside the Pantry ... and reassessing what is really important in life. 

What is the best advice you could give to an entrepreneur starting a business?

Get all the advice you can, but stay true to yourself and what you believe in.

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