Behind The Business - Robyn. Independent Arbonne Representative

One of our very first partners, Robyn shares her business story.

Describe your brand/business in 3 words
Wellness, Sustainable, Vegan.
What inspires you when you think about the future of your business?
I think it's exciting that anyone can start their own Arbonne business, whether you run it as a side hustle, full time job, you're a full-time mum or student. You can build your business as slow or a fast as you like so there's no pressure but also a lot of opportunity. 
At the moment we operate in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Poland - it will be exciting to see where we launch next in the world as the online wellness industry is thriving right now. 
What has been the biggest challenge you faced when building your business?
A lot of people have negative opinions of network marketing brands and I for one was unsure at first but when I did a little research into Arbonne and the amazing work it was doing for the planet I soon changed my mind. As a B Corp accredited brand, they do everything they can to ensure their people, customers and the planet are supported rather than simply driving profit. It would be impossible for a brand to achieve this status if they were in any way unethical.
How do you look after your wellbeing when working long hours?
I'm a big fan of exercise and make sure I work out as often as possible, home workouts have been my saviour throughout lockdown and long walks on rest days. Eating well I find helps me stay motivated and I take a number of Arbonne supplements from gut health probiotics to powdered greens to ensure I'm getting all of my vitamins. I'm a huge fan of a balanced lifestyle though so enjoy a drink or two at the weekend of course!
I try and reduce my screen time in the evening which is sometimes difficult as this is when I do a lot of my networking. I don't look at my phone after 9pm, this helps me sleep.
What would your friends, family or colleagues say is your greatest skill?
My people skills! I love meeting new people, connecting and networking and helping others. Building a successful business with Arbonne is all about helping others, you help your team become successful which helps you so it's a win-win and I love that.
What sustainable swaps have you made over the past few years?
Arbonne have some amazing initiatives for sustainability. The Arbonne Cycle allows you to send your used packaging (makeup bottles, packets etc) off in a prepaid envelope to ensure they are all correctly recycled and reused. A number of products have swapped from plastic to glass packaging and those that are plastic are made from PCR (pre used). 
Can you name something positive to have come out of 2020?
Starting my Arbonne business. I started this business as a furlough project and loved the products, brand and people so much I decided to carry on with it. I love how it works around my lifestyle and it doesn't really feel like work, I earn money by using products and talking about them to people.
I've made so many amazing friends through this too and reconnected with people who I haven't spoken to in years simply because they have been interested in the products I promote on my Instagram and Facebook. I love that I can help people with the products I sell, from gut health issues to skin problems - it's so rewarding! 
What is the best advice you could give to an entrepreneur starting a business?
Don't be afraid to use your network for advice, people are always willing to help. 

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