Behind The Label. Maddie - Founder of Scrubbee

Describe your brand/business in 3 words:  

Sustainable, affordable and honest 

What inspires you when you think about the future of your business?  

Every single product that we sell contributes towards a more circular cosmetic industry. We hope to have out a whole skincare range that is affordable and sustainable making ethical products more accessible for everyone. 

What has been the biggest challenge you faced when building your business? 

Working on imposter syndrome (doubting my skills). I started working on Scrubbee when I was 21, running a business at such at such a young age was (and still is) really challenging navigating outside opinion and internal beliefs. This is definitely something that gets easier to deal with every single day! It's all about knowing and growing. Knowing what makes you feel that way and learning from these experiences to grow your confidence.


How do you look after your wellbeing when working long hours? 

I prioritise my health, something I learnt the hard way after burning out, big time. I still don't think I've found the right balance however when it comes to it. 

Check in with yourself. As much as you can.

Reassess. Being busy doesn't mean you are being productive. Think about what it actually is that you're doing that is taking a huge amount of time, does it light you up? If it doesn't, outsource it. If it does, time block, only give yourself x amount of time ( a little bit more than you should ) to do it and be strict with yourself.

Do things you love. Start off with once a week, then twice. This can be anything like taking a bath, cooking a nutritious meal. It doesn't need to be a whole day activity, those little things will help you feel in control. 

And finally, Exercise, sleep, and eat good food. 

What would your friends, family or colleagues say is your greatest skill? 

Being bossy. What professionals would call management 😂. I absolutely love to manage, plan and tick off tasks. The other side to this, is the mentor ship of management, I absolutely love to work one on one with individuals and help them grow their own confidence and their skills. 

What sustainable swaps have you made over the past few years? 

I've pledged not to buy new clothes this year, and I've been absolutely loving it. Albeit I've slipped once or twice, but I've definitely learnt a new savvy skill to get some absolute garms for cheap! Buying secondhand can haves huge impact on your carbon footprint. 

Can you name something positive to have come out of 2020?  

Learning to surround yourself with people who get it. This is one of the most important things I've learnt, and 2020 was a huge turning point for me here. Working for yourself and by yourself can be lonely and so it is insanely important to surround yourself with people who don't undermine you, what you do or your business. 

Be wary of those that don't clap when you win and seek out those who give you a round of applause for your little wins, they are the type of people who will be there to watch you grow.

What is the best advice you could give to an entrepreneur starting a business?

Just start. 

There will be failures, there will be hurdles but trust me you will learn so much more from actually just getting going. Take that first step, no matter how small it is. Buy a printer for your postage labels, make an instagram. 

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