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Brand Focus on Berry Flirt

A smoothie for busy people. Lingling YU, Co-founder of Berry Flirt smoothie says; 'Berry Flirt instant smoothies are designed and created to provide an easier and healthier alternative to the sugar-packed smoothie drinks found in supermarket fridges up and down the country.  We’re a husband and wife duo, and have always shown an interest in maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle; basing our diets around a variety of fruits and vegetables. Smoothies have always been popular in the household, and fast became the go-to breakfast choice for our family – a way to drink our 5-a-day.  Being parents to two daughters, we understand the difficulty of juggling parenthood (especially motherhood) whilst trying to lead – and maintain – a nutritious, vitamin-enriched...

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Brand Focuc on R-Chi Iced Tea

R-chi is not your conventional cuppa... In fact, it is a totally unique Iced Tea. R-chi uses natural British grown tea alongside British Manuka leaves to yield a refreshing and healthy tea-based soft drink to be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. Founder Archie says 'One of my desires from the very beginning was to create a distinctly British product, but what was more important is that it had to taste good. In fact, it had to taste incredible whilst at the same time maximising the natural, antioxidant packed health benefits of the leaves.' R-chi is sustainable grown in Cornwall. Learn more here

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Brand Focus on Wholey Moly

Meenesh & Parul are the husband and wife duo behind Wholey Moly, and they're on a mission to prove healthy doesn’t have to be boring. The idea for Wholey Moly came from their frustration at working in a corporate office where the 3pm energy slump is greeted with endless sugary short-term fixes that pick you up, then drop you back to zero an hour later. The team still wanted that sweet treat with our afternoon cuppa, and who doesn’t? But why couldn’t it also be good for us? They ripped up the baking manual and started from scratch. After 2 years of baking in their little flat in London, thousands of attempts and an awful lot of failures they settled on Wholey Moly the honestly good...

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